Advantages and Disadvantages of Indoor Cycling

One of the best aerobic exercises that you can try is cycling. Regular cycling can help improve cardiovascular fitness, which is good for your heart. Cycling is a great form of exercise as it allows you to get the exercise you need and build the muscles you want without putting too much strain and pain to your joints, legs, knees and back.

Another good thing about cycling is that you can also enjoy the workout indoors. Indoor cycling, whether joining in spinning classes or just cycling in the comforts of your home is becoming more and more popular because it can be very convenient–especially to some people who don’t particularly find going outdoors pleasurable.

Another benefit of deciding to try indoor cycling in your home is that you need to buy biking equipments like stationary bike, gloves, etc. These equipments can be used for a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Unlike road cycling or mountain biking, you have freedom from hassle of packing food and preparation when you opt for indoor cycling. Preparation for long distance biking can be time consuming. You don’t have to worry about bad weather either.

Indoor cycling also provides non-stop workout for you unlike outdoor biking where you can encounter traffic jams. You can focus more on working out this way. You can also stay focused on working out—free from worries of being hit by cars or falling from your bike.

You may also ride on a stationary bike and proceed with your workout with your house clothes on, whereas you have to wear proper sport clothing with complete biking gear if you plan to do outdoor cycling. This is also one of the great things about preferring indoor cycling.

The safety of being indoors is one of the most important advantages of indoor cycling. Outdoor cycling comes with the risk of getting involved in road accidents. According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 19,000 bikers or cyclists are getting killed or seriously injured due to involvement in road accidents.

Outdoor cycling also exposes the bikers or cyclists who ride on the road to pollution. Being constantly exposed to pollution can lead to lung problems.

Of course, despite having many advantages, indoor cycling also has its disadvantages.

One disadvantage of indoor cycling is that it can get very boring. Sometimes, even when you put on good music to put you into rhythm, nothing can beat cycling with the view of nature and challenge of a rough terrain.

If you want to be a skilled cyclist, indoor cycling may not be the best for you. Another disadvantage of indoor cycling is that you don’t get to experience and learn how to descend, turn the corners, and go uphill.

Every person has a different perspective when deciding what fits them best. Factors such as schedule, availability, comfortability of a person should be taken into account in choosing what type of exercise to try. Without a doubt, cycling, indoor or outdoor, when done properly and regularly, has positive effects on the body.