How to Increase your Cycling Endurance

Being able to ride the bike and successfully do cycling for miles regularly can give you a feeling of accomplishment. Just imagine how much better you will feel if you’re able to participate in one of those long bike rides.

Participating and completing long bike rides does not only require strength, but more importantly, it calls for endurance. If you’ve just begun to try cycling, and you are planning to join long bike rides, you don’t have to worry about your endurance because it is something that you can work on to improve.

Cycling frequently will effectively increase your cycling endurance. Even if you’re extremely busy, find time to ride the bike once or twice a week so you can improve on it.

Maintaining a diet that works well to refuel your muscles during cycling training or just casual cycling can also help you maximise your endurance as you ride. Along with consuming carefully chosen foods, remember to hydrate sufficiently as well.

And, aside from preparing enough foods to replenish you while you ride, make sure that you eat foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins around two to three hours before your get on the bike.

Establishing a positive mindset is as important as maintaining a healthy body when it comes to training for endurance. You won’t be able to get very far if your mind does not have the drive to do so. If usually lose passion or motivation just after hours of cycling, it will be wise to ride with someone you can talk to while you’re cycling so you won’t mind the time too much. Having someone to complete cycling with can also help in pushing you to go farther.

If you want to achieve different results in your endurance, of course, you would have to increase your mileage. However, don’t increase your mileage by a great distance in just a short span of time. It is recommendable to increase it by 10 per cent every week to improve your endurance.

Finally, include some interval trainings to your cycling routine to maximise your endurance. Interval trainings may be really challenging, but investing in them twice a week will go a long way in enhancing your cycling endurance.

Following these guidelines can help you have an improved endurance and can help prepare your body for long bike rides.